Pure Blue Agave Tequila

Seven Generations of Excellence

Limitless Support for Our Planet


Rooted in heritage, sustainability, and family traditions, Querido Tequila celebrates the past while cultivating a future filled with new adventures.

Founded on seven generations of time-tested tequila making, Querido’s rich history is upheld by Emilio and Santiago Romo, two brothers on a journey to redefine modern-day tequila with fresh energy and excitement.

With bold and distinctively unique flavors like Mango, Spicy Watermelon, and Tamarind, Querido combines a juicy array of exotic tastes with the classic undertone of 100% blue weber agave.

Our commitment to future generations is rooted in the very soil where we distill Querido Tequila. On our grounds, a multigenerational tree that has witnessed the humble origins of our brand can be found. Each day as we pass this landmark, we feel a newfound sense of commitment to future generations while staying true to our traditions, namesake, and ancestors.

As we speak, young visionaries, advocates, and wanderers aren’t complacent with the status quo. They recognize that as a society, we can do better. Our Querido family embraces this understanding and recognizes that humankind is one. In turn, we are striving to give back, empower each other, and make a lasting impact. That’s why our partnership with One Tree Planted simply makes sense.

With each bottle of Querido sold, a tree is planted through this partnership. We are firm believers in the power of sustainability and net-zero initiatives, daring boldly to save our planet. As you drive change, explore new places, and make this world a more hospitable place for future generations to come, you can take peace of mind knowing that Querido is here to support you every step of the way.

We uphold our environmental commitment one bottle at a time. That’s because each bottle features 100% recycled glass and sustainably harvested agave. We are pure and simple tequila makers on the path to progress. Just ask the tree on our own property. It has quietly grown, watched, and admired Querido from the start.

Ultimately, whether you’re crafting the perfect margarita or looking for a smooth and flavorful stand-alone tequila, invite Querido to the party. No matter where your travels take you, each bottle from Jalisco, Mexico is blended with vibrant arrays of flavors from South America, Asia, Africa, and beyond.

If you’re ready to elevate your palate with the eco-friendly tequila of tomorrow, you are invited to experience Querido today. Just be ready to move, shake, and discover a world of new horizons

The adventure of a lifetime starts with Querido Tequila

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